PITCHFORK + Interview at Full-Stop

Hi! Welcome to my new website. A couple of exciting, Palaces-related things have gone up online in the last week--

  • An interview with Freddie Moore at Full-Stop! Way back when I moved to NYC in 2013, Freddie was the first New Yorker to be nice to me (we were interns together), besides my landlord, who had other motives.
  • Palaces is included in this roundup of "18 New Music Books to Read This Summer" over at Pitchfork, thanks to Niina Pollari (her split chapbook with merritt k, Total Mood Killer, is, by the way, fantastic).

I've been listening to a lot of this album Swell by Tiny Moving Parts. They opened for the Wonder Years last month in NYC. The kind of post-hardcore-y band that, while sad, still makes you smile?

As ever,